Chimney Repair

Thermocrete-chimney-repairIs your fireplace or chimney in need of repair? We, here at Sweep’s Luck, not only are chimney sweeps, but chimney repair professionals as well. We specialize in all types of fireplace repairs and restorations, whether you have a masonry fireplace from the 1920’s or a newer fireplace with a cracked flue; we have many solutions to meet your repair needs.

If your flue is cracked on the inside, we have a great solution for you that fills small cracks and strengthens the inside of your chimney.

Thermocrete Ceramic Flue Sealant is the most reliable solution for chimney restoration and chimney repair. The Thermocrete process coats the inside of the chimney from top to bottom with a highly durable ceramic sealant. It is cost effective and ideal for use in your fireplace chimney, and in chimneys serving gas, oil, wood, or coal burning appliances.

Thermocrete-chimney-repairThe Thermocrete coating seals all small holes and cracks, strengthens the chimney, and increases efficiency without downsizing the chimney flue significantly. It is fireplace repair from the inside out.

Sweep’s Luck is proud to be one of only nine authorized Thermocrete dealers in California. Invest in the safety of your home and gain peace of mind knowing your family is safer. Make Thermocrete your choice for chimney repair and chimney restoration.

Thermocrete has a lifetime transferable warranty!

Chimney Repair Video

Watch a short video below that explains all about Thermocrete. If you still have questions, call us or visit the Thermocrete website at:

Sweep’s Luck can also help with chimney construction, fireplace construction, fireplace repair and chimney repair. Take a look at our damaged chimney photos to see different chimneys we have worked on.